Ship-From-Store Distribution Model Increasingly Utilized by Bricks & Mortar Retailers

According to Cushman & Wakefield Industrial Research:

“Traditional “bricks & mortar” retailers continue to respond to competition from online retailers through a wide array of strategies, including, of course, their own online ordering and fulfillment offerings, but increasingly finding ways to leverage their physical retail stores for online order fulfillment. The ship-from-store (SFS) distribution strategy allows ‘traditional’ retailers to fulfill e-commerce orders from local retail stores instead of their warehouses and distribution centers.

Several U.S. national retailers have begun implementing SFS, allowing them to ship online orders from a physical store, which may be closer to the end consumer than the retailer’s e-commerce fulfillment DC, allowing for faster order delivery and cycle time. In a time when online retailers are moving closer to achieving same-day delivery, brick-and-mortar retailers using SFS can gain competitive advantage that goes beyond cycle time and cost, also leveraging national inventories.”

Click here to read the full article.

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