Capital Markets Update

According to the latest Cushman & Wakefield Capital Markets Update:

“October was a very volatile month for the equity and bond markets. From a close of just above 17,000 on September 30th, the DJI moved steadily downward to 16,300 on October 14th. 10-yr UST rates saw similar movement from 2.48% to 2.24% over the same period as investors shifted to the security of USTs. On October 15th, the combination of ISIS, Ebola, and global economic news sent the DJI and 10-yr USTs to 15,870 and 1.86%, respectively. The second half of the month was all positive with DJI moving steadily upward to end the month at 17,400 and 10-yr UST rates gaining some ground to the 2.3%s.

In the latest Weekly Economic Update, C&W Research reported that the U.S. economy has shifted to a higher growth trajectory over the past year. Recently released economic reports suggest that this stronger growth will be sustained in 2015, which we expect to be the best year for the U.S. economy since 2004. Commercial real estate markets across the country are beginning to reflect this improving environment and we expect the coming year to see healthy performances across all property types.

Office and apartment-related CMBS issuance are having their strongest year as a percentage of overall issuance since 2008 while retail as a percentage of the total continues to decline.”

Read the full report here.

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